Wed, Mar 20, 2024

12 PM – 1 PM (GMT+11)

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Dive into Bystander Awareness Training and learn how you can actively contribute to fostering a safer environment.
Wednesday 20 March - 12:00pm – 1:00pm
Staff and students are invited to take part in Introduction to Bystander Awareness lunch and learn training, as part of Respect @ Uni Week at ACU.
The 1-hour session will consist of a 35–40-minute presentation, allowing 10-15 minutes for discussion and questions at the end, with topics covered including:
• What is the ‘bystander effect’ and why we may hesitate in intervening when we see a person who may need help, or who is experiencing violence or problematic behaviour
• the four different categories of ways we can intervene in a situation when someone may need help.
• assessing risk and context in a situation to understand the safest and most effective way to intervene.
• the importance of ‘being someone who does something’ and the consequences when we don’t intervene.

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RESPECT. NOW. ALWAYS, the Safeguarding and Student Safety Team, and the Student Safety Working Group | Website | View More Events

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