SAFETY SUPPORT NETWORK - Expression of Interest

The ACU Safety Support Network is a visible network of specially trained staff who provide the essential support to any student who has experienced sexual assault, sexual harassment, and family and domestic violence.

ACU recognises that providing empathy and compassion, and non-judemental support will help to improve the recovery of students who have experienced trauma.

The University is committed to increasing students understanding and confidence to seek support, make a disclosure, and report to the university. 

ACU acknowledges that many staff members who handle a student disclosure as a first responder may not have the confidence or skills to support the student, which may lead to detrimental effects on the students recovery, mental health and welfare concerns for staff who may experience vicarious trauma as a result of the disclosure.

The Safety Support Network provides a direct source of contact for all staff to offer support and assistance with the disclosure.

The role of the Safety Support Officer is to:
  • Provide a safe space as a single point of contact to assist and support students who have experienced sexual assault, sexual harassment, family and domestic violence.
  • Assist staff who are supporting students through a disclosure.
  • Help students to access internal and external support services.
  • Provide students and staff with information about ACU’s reporting options, and assist students through the reporting process.
  • Work through what support the student needs to continue their study, regardless of whether the alleged perpetrator is associated with ACU.
  • Follow up with the student and staff as required.
  • Liaise with the Safeguarding and Student Safety Team to submit a Code Green Report under the Critical Incident Management Policy 
  • Promote an understanding and awareness of ACU’s reporting procedure and support services.

What training will staff receive?

Staff who nominate and are approved for the Safety Support Network will be taken through a full day training covering

  • What is sexual harassment, sexual assault and consent
  • Signs, indicators and impacts of abuse – what staff should look out for
  • Critical communication skills for first responders
  • Victim-centric responding
  • Professional boundaries
  • Vicarious trauma – self-care for support officers
  • Support services, options and ongoing welfare
  • What are ACU’s reporting options and process

When will the training be run?

Training will be conducted in June and July 2023.

What staff should apply?

Staff in key student-facing roles who deal directly with students on a regular basis

  • Staff; including Course Coordinators/Lecturer in Charge, Placement Coordinators
  • Professional Staff  
  • Staff in roles within AskACU, Student Life, ACU Sport, Campus Ministry, and International Student roles

Staff must have supervisor approval prior to expressing interest.

What qualities and attributes are important?

  • Good communication and listening skills;
  • patience;
  • confidence;
  • respect;
  • empathy; 
  • non-judgmental and trustworthy.
If this is of interest to you please proceed to completing the EOI below.